TRIFECTA of Coffee Chocolates

The anti-trail mix?
THUNDERMUCK coffee blended with chocolate.... Three of our favorite things in one bag:  
     • Mocha 'Muckers (coffee-chocolate nuggets)
     • Mocha Almond 'Muckers
        (lightly sweetened & salted, coffee-chocolate-
        covered almonds)
     • Nutter ‘Muckers
        (White-Chocolate & Coffee, blended, with a Peanut
        Butter Center. What? Yes.)  

Ingredients:  Ground coffee (THUNDERMUCK!),  56% Semisweet Guittard Chocolate (Chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, milk fat (butter)) soya lecithin and pure vanilla, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, nonfat milk, mono and diglyceride, artificial color (titanium dioxide), almonds, peanuts partially defatted, vegetable oil, salt, tapioca dextrin and confectioner’s glaze.

4 oz (113.4g)