Thundermuck Gift Pack

A 'Muckin Gift Pack!  Go with the 1lb pack and save 15%, or up it to the 5lb bag for those die hard fans and save $10! (Yep, basically, the mug's free. Or the chocolate and part of the mug. Or just the coffee is less per pound - $9.05/lb!)

• 1 lb of THUNDERMUCK! (Our most beloved coffee.)
• A THUNDERMUCK! mug (white or black)
• A bag of Coffee-Chocolate TRIFECTA:
     - Mocha 'Muckers (coffee-chocolate nuggets)
     - Mocha Almond 'Muckers (lightly sweetened & salted,
       coffee-chocolate-covered almonds)
     - Nutter ‘Muckers (White-Chocolate & Coffee, blended;
        with a Peanut Butter Center. What? Yes.)

And when you buy them in the gift pack you get a smokin' deal!